You asked and we have listened! Here are our 100 favourite Queen songs – it is the ultimate and definite list (as for the obvious reason, we don’t expect many more Queen songs will be discovered or recorded).

– Rick Elenbaas
Editorial Director

100. Dead on Time (Jazz, 1978)

99. In the lap of the Gods (Sheer Heart Attack, 1974)

Probably the only song in music history in which the sequel is better than the original. Song mostly recognised by its voice distortion effort. The second bit of the song makes up just enough to keep this song in the Top 100. Dissonant on the otherwise brilliant Sheer Heart Attack Album.

98. Good Company (A Night At The Opera, 1975)

Probably best remembered for its weird ‘flute’ bridge which introduces the song with ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ on the Night of the Opera album. The ‘horns’ on this song are actual guitars, painstakingly recorded not for note by May. Interesting enough, within 5 years horns would be a dominant feature on Queen’s Hot Space album, replacing most of May’s characteristic guitar sound.

97. Long Away (A Day At The Races, 1976)

Sung by Brian May, it was Queen’s first and only song released as a single not to feature Freddy Mercury on vocals. Unfortunately, it didn’t do well in sales but it is a hidden germ on the A Day At The Races album. It combines May’s love for astronomy with… love.

96. Crazy Little Thing Called Love (The Game, 1980)

Queen’s pastiche on Elvis is most remembered for its video in which Freddie Mercury first introduces his gay bar leather image, including his short haircut. It is camp, its cult and it’s thoroughly annoying – no wonder it was Queen’s first US number 1 Billboard song. It is the cultivation of what started on the Jazz album and continued on the Game album and preluded to what was coming with Hot Space. It was also one of the first compositions recorded with their new producer Reinhold Mack, which proved disastrous and would nearly finish off the ban. Ready Freddy?

95. Father to Son

94. Staying Power (Hot Space, 1981)

After Queen abandoned their policy of ‘no synthesizers’ on The Game, they went all-in on Hot Space. They didn’t hold back on the album’s first song ‘Staying Power’ and as it is full of synthesizers’ sound blips and horn sounds. It sets the tone for the entire album. It is not that the songs on Hot Space are bad, as live editions of the songs on ‘Live at the Milton Keynes Bowl’ prove – they just work in a faster more true to Queen setting – it is just that the entire album is of questionable production quality.

93. Ogre Battle

One of Queen’s heaviest works, May’s guitar riff and Taylor’s drumming give it a distinguish ‘trash’ song, which would later be further explored and perfectioned on ‘Cold Stone Crazy’. The song deals with a battle between ogres and is the cumulation of Queen’s fantasy related works so strongly present on their first 2 albums. More camp than this Queen’s songs wouldn’t get, as from here they would deal with more conventional topics.

92. Great King Rat

91. Leaving Home Ain’t Easy

Narrated from the perspective of the main character leaving behind their home, it’s Queen’s version of The Beatles’ She’s Leaving Home. Despite all vocals exclusively sung by May, this song is one of the last more traditional Queen songs, also because it is one of the last songs not containing the use of a synthesizer.

90. Don’t Try So Hard

89. Nevermore

88. ’39

87. Now I’M Here

86. My Life has Been Saved

85. Pain is So Close to Pleasure

84. Keep Passing the Open Windows

83. Death of 2 legs

82. Sleeping on the Sidewalk

81. You and I

80. If you can’t beat them

79. Stone Cold Crazy

78. Doing All Right

77. The Hitman

76. Keep Yourself Alive

75. Liar

74. Love of My Life

73. Jealousy

72. Son and Daughter

71. Calling all Girls

70. White Man

69. Jesus

68. Killer Queen

67. The Night Comes Down

66. Las Palabras de Amor

65. Lily of the Valley

64. All Gods People

63. Get Down Make Love

62. Body Language

60. You’re My Best Friend

59. Tenement Funster

58. Funny How Love Is

57. Tie Your Mother Down

56. You Take My Breath Away

56. Drowse

55. Fat Bottomed Girls

54. Hammer to Fall

53. Bring Back that Leroy Brown

52. I’m in love with my car

51. We will Rock You

50. In the Laps of the God II

49. Mustapha

48. Save Me

47.  Don’t try so hard

46. Seven Seas of Rhye

45. The Miracle

44. I can’t live with you

43. Hang on in there

42. Mother Love

41. Don’t Stop me Now

40. Flash’s Theme

39. Machines

38. A Winter’s Tale

37. Flick of the Wrist

36. Brighton Rock

35. She Makes me

34. Misfire

33. Delilah

32. My Baby Does Me

31. Cool Cat

30. The Party

29. The Fairy Feller’s Master Stroke

28. I’m going slightly mad

27. Spread Your Wings

26 .Who Needs You

25. Teo Torriate

24. Kashoggi’s Ship

23. We are the Champions

22. Back Chat

21. Scandal

20. My Melancholy Blues

19. You Don’t Fool Me

18. Another One Bites the Dust

17. Under Pressure

16. A Kind of Magic

15. One Vision

14. Rain Must Fall

13. Somebody to Love

12. The Prophet’s Song

11. Radio Ga GA

10.Modern Times Rock ‘n’ Roll

9. Breakthru

8. It’s Late

7. My Fairy King

6. These are the These of our lives

5. Innuendo

4. Was it all worth it

3. I want it All

2. The Show Must Go On

1. Bohemian Rhapsody

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